Public News Service: La reeleccion de Obama podria disparar los aplazamientos de deportaciones

Published Septiembre 28, 2012
Peter Malof, Public News Service – TX
El Paso, TX

La cantidad de inmigrantes indocumentados que solicitan un estatus legal bajo el plan de “Deferred Action” (Acción Aplazada) de la administración Obama, ha sido menor a lo esperado desde que el programa se puso en marcha el mes pasado. Muchos dicen que están esperando la elección, pues temen que la administración de Romney los deje más vulnerables que nunca a la deportación

Este programa de Acción Aplazada de la administración Obama da a los jóvenes inmigrantes indocumentados permiso temporal para vivir y trabajar en los Estados Unidos. Pero menos de 100 mil, de un millón y medio que tienen derecho a solicitarlo, lo han hecho. Una razón por la que el programa ha tenido un arranque más lento de lo esperado es que muchos de los llamados DREAMers están tomando precauciones antes de revelar su estatus ante una nueva administración.

Jacob Hernández, mexicano de 21 años estudiante de arquitectura, ha vivido en El Paso desde los 5 años. Dice que él y sus amigos están preocupados por lo que haría un Presidente Romney con la información de los solicitantes.

“Si es elegido presidente, podría decir, ‘Bueno, saben qué? Quiero que se vayan todos.’ Por eso tiene miedo la gente. Es arriesgado porque las primeras personas a las que van a sacar son los que entregaron sus documentos.”

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Fox News Latino: Sobre la Inmigración, las Encuestas Muestran Que la Mayor Parte del Partido Republicano está de Acuerdo con Newt

Cuando el candidato presidencial Newt Gingrich dijo en un debate en noviembre que los inmigrantes indocumentados que tienen raíces profundas en los Estados Unidos deberían tener una manera de trabajar legalmente en los Estados Unidos, algunos se quedaron boquiabiertos.

Sus rivales cuestionaron sus credenciales conservadores, y los observadores se preguntaron si él había condenado sus posibilidades con los votantes Republicanos.

Sin embargo, una serie de encuestas – incluyendo una realizada por Fox News que fue publicada el viernes – sobre la inmigración muestra que la mayoría de los encuestados, incluyendo a los votantes Republicanos registrados, piensan que los inmigrantes indocumentados deberían tener una oportunidad para legalizar su estatus, siempre y cuando cumplan con ciertos criterios. Leer más…

AP: Perry endorses work visas for illegal immigrants

"AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas Gov. Rick Perry proposed the federal government should extend work visas allowing illegal immigrants to move freely between the U.S. and their home countries — but stressed that he opposes amnesty or a path to citizenship.

Perry said in an interview with CNN's John King on Thursday that expectations that U.S. authorities are going to arrest and deport up to 15 million illegal immigrants isn't realistic. He added, however, that other Republicans, including fellow Texan George W. Bush, went too far when they previously proposed an immigration overhaul that included a path to citizenship.

The Texas governor also claimed his chief rival for the Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, had once supported amnesty. Romney has drawn criticism for hiring a lawn care company that employed illegal immigrants at his family's property in a Boston suburb for a decade — but has also said amnesty is not appropriate for illegal immigrants."  Read more …

Houston Chronicle Blog: Immigration group warns Romney on Smith endorsement

"WASHINGTON – A leading immigrant advocacy group warned Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Thursday that his endorsement by Rep. Lamar Smith, author of several immigration bills, could later haunt his White House aspirations in a general election.

Smith, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, endorsed Romney over his home state Gov. Rick Perry, earlier this week.

'The Obama campaign must be watching with glee,' said Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice, a group that advocates comprehensive immigration reform and citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

'For a candidate whose best "vote for me" argument to Republicans is that he is electable in a potential general election match-up, Romney’s recent endorsements seem instead calculated to alienate Latinos and shrink the number of potential battleground states in the process,' Sharry said.

Romney has attacked Perry in televised debates over the Texas governor’s positions on immigration measures.

Perry signed a bill that allows children of illegal immigrants to pay in-state tuition, and he has opposed a mandatory statewide E-Verify program that would require businesses to check a new employee’s immigration status against government data bases after the person is hired."  Read more …


Washington Post’s Michael Gerson: Accommodation of anger

"What is it about the immigration issue that brings out the worst in politicians?

Neither Mitt Romney nor Rick Perry has a history of being an immigration hard-liner.Romney supported George W. Bush’s attempt at comprehensive immigration reform in 2005, which included a (difficult) path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. When I attended a dinner with Perry during his 2010 campaign for reelection as Texas governor, he was particularly passionate about the need for Republican outreach to Hispanics.

Yet Romney has attacked Perry for allowing educational benefits in Texas for the children of undocumented immigrants — calling this policy 'a magnet to draw illegals into the state.' Perry has responded that Romney’s Massachusetts health-care reform permitted the medical treatment of undocumented immigrants, which a Perry campaign spokesman calls an 'illegal immigration magnet.' In this exchange, both campaigns have managed — extending the metaphor — to be repellent.

It is one thing to debate techniques of enforcement along the United States’ southern border. Most of the Republican candidates seem to prefer construction of a physical wall — a public-works program of questionable utility that would make the Great Pyramid seem a minor, shovel-ready project in comparison. Herman Cain wants the barrier electrified. Michele Bachmann proposes two walls, just in case. Perry, who knows something about the vastness of Texas, seems flummoxed by the absurdity of the whole idea.'  Read more …


SA Express News O. Richardo Pimentel: Republican immigration ‘debate’ not so much

"Immigration is not just some esoteric issue in San Antonio or Texas, which is why what is passing for debate on the issue in the GOP should be of more than just passing interest — and distress.

A few names rise to the top in illustrating how delirious the debate has become. One would be Cain, another Seagal. But another is Perry, as in Gov. Rick, instructive on a couple of fronts, good and bad.

Herman Cain, the former Godfather CEO turned presidential candidate, recently proposed an electrified fence on the border and moats filled with alligators — one to kill undocumented immigrants, the other, I guess, to dispose of the evidence.

And action hero Steven Seagal is one of the border's newest full-time deputies, signed up in Hudspeth County."  Read more …

Dallas Morning News: Perry keeps birther controversy alive

Rick Perry appears to have no qualms about sidling up to the widely discredited conspiracy theory over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate, saying Tuesday that 'it’s a good issue to keep alive.'  

The Texas governor has now flirted with the long-settled questions about Obama’s citizenship in multiple interviews. And despite calling the issue a 'great distraction,' Perry continues to tap dance around the topic with a jocular grin.

'It’s fun to poke at him and say, "Hey, how about let’s see your grades and your birth certificate,"'Perry told CNBC.  Read more …



"AUSTIN — If you believe the pundits, Gov. Rick Perry didn’t win this week’s Republican presidential debate but did much better than in previous contests. Yet, given his low standing in the polls, whether Perry can rebound and win his party’s nomination is, well, debatable.

But you can count on this: Dozens of controversial anti-illegal immigration bills should be filed when the Texas Legislature is back in session in 2013. Buoyed by the attention the issue has received in almost every presidential debate — and Perry fired the first shot Tuesday night — if re-elected next year, some of the most conservative Republican lawmakers intend to re-introduce bills killed in recent sessions." Read more …


Houston Chronicle: Prominent Texas Latino leader leaves Republican Party

"After threatening to abandon the GOP earlier this week because of the anti-immigrant sentiments expressed by Tea Party members and this bunch of presidential candidates, a Texas Republican leader has left his party.

Lauro Garza, who led the nation’s largest conservative Latino group, Somos Republicans, blamed politicians, especially Herman Cain, of fear-mongering over the immigration issue and likened himself to Ronald Reagan, who left the Democratic Party when he felt like it betrayed him.

Garza, of Katy, posted the news along with a picture of his cut-up Republican of Texas card on the Somo Republicans site.

'The party has left us behind. Our credibility among Latinos is strained because we identify with the Republican Party,” said Garza, of Katy, in a Public News Service story. “Saying it’s strained is putting it mildly.'"  Read more …