Texas Baptists’ Program Addresses Border Violence

The Baptist Daily Standard reports:  "As violence rages along parts of the Texas-Mexico border, bands of Baptists are taking a stand.

While drug cartels brandish guns and other weapons, Baptists are seeking to end the violence through prayer and the spirit of God, said Daniel Rangel, director of Texas Baptists' River Ministry

Texas Baptists are encouraging Christians to pray for the border and are training residents to have a positive impact on others in their communities.

"It takes a brave person to do what is right," Rangel said. "It takes a brave person to stand up for someone else. It takes a brave person to be kind, to be helpful, to seek out what is right. They are challenged to be an agent of peace, a person of peace."

Texas Baptists are working in partnership with No Mas Violencia—No More Violence." Read more …