Huffington Post: New Data Indicates Mexican Migration Decline; A Separate Report Predicts Immigrant Integration

“At a time when statistics suggest that fewer Mexicans are setting out on the perilous journey across the border, a new study projects that newer immigrants, particularly Latinos, are expected to learn English, buy homes and acquire citizenship at high levels in the coming decades.

The data on declining immigration from Mexico along with the projections on integration patterns for newer immigrants appear at a particularly contentious moment in the national immigration debate, with many sectors calling for tighter border controls and more deportations.

The new report from the Center for American Progress, a nonpartisan think tank, offers a portrait of integration patterns that seem to counter the popular notion that Hispanic immigrants are not assimilating to life in the U.S.

The study tracked immigrants that arrived during the 1990s and found that while only 25.5 percent of them owned their home in 2000, 70.3 percent are projected to be homeowners by 2030.”  Read more …

Washington Post/AP: Mexican soldiers rescue 15 Honduran migrants being held for ransom in northern border city

"MEXICO CITY — Mexico’s Defense Department says soldiers have rescued 15 Honduran migrants who had been kidnapped and were being held in a house in Nuevo Laredo on the border with the United States.

The military says troops patroling in the Privada Esmeralda neighborhood on Monday detained a man who was watching over the migrants.

A statement Wednesday gives no other details of the rescue in Nuevo Laredo, which is across the border from Laredo, Texas.

Soldiers and federal police have been increasingly rescuing migrants kidnapped by drug cartels. Authorities say migrants are kidnapped for ransom or to be forced to work for the crime syndicates."  Link to story.


Texas Observer: Mexican Senators to Visit State Leaders on Immigration

Harsh anti-immigrant laws have been passed in various states from Arizona to Georgia. U.S. Congress seems unable to muster the votes or the will to pass immigration reform.

"The xenophobic climate has Mexican lawmakers worried about immigrant rights and reform in the United States. So much so that they announced Tuesday they'll bypass Washington D.C. and take their case for immigration reform directly to state leaders.

'At the end of the day it doesn't seem to be the disposition of the U.S. Congress to pass immigration law but meanwhile laws are being passed in many states,' said Senator Carlos Jimenez Macias, a member of the Mexican Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. 'We think we can have better success in the states where legislation has been stopped.'

The group of Mexican senators met in Washington D.C. Tuesday with academics and journalists at a workshop on immigration reform at the German Marshall Fund, a nonpartisan public policy institution. They were there to promote Mexico's sweeping new immigration reforms that were passed into law last May."  Read more …


Texas Observer: The Other Side of the Dream

"Many Central Americans ride on the roofs of trains through Mexico on the first leg of their journey to the United States. Some migrants say they have lost arms and legs to “The Beast,” as the train is called. Others have been victims of assault, rape, corruption and kidnapping by crime gangs. For many, the journey ends in Mexico, not the U.S.

Begun in 2008, The 'Other Side' of the Dream is a series of portraits of migrants, depicting the price they pay to find work and build a future for their families."  See photos …


Houston Examiner Opinion: All that’s left is lawlessness

"While the ATF was letting guns walk across the border, the Obama administration, Homeland Security and Gov. Rick Perry was letting marijuana and a host of other drugs walk into the country, Texas and Arizona.

Now if you're from these parts of Texas, this would be the results of a certain party banking on beefing up a voter base and another certain party attracting business to Texas. This bit of information proves without doubt, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano is clueless on the border.

Mexico's drug cartels, on a interesting note, are more business savvy then the Obama administration and Perry's Texas. Unofficially speaking, cartels have created more jobs in the country then the stimulus package. They'd take a back seat to Perry's job creation among illegal immigrants though."


Houston Chronicle: Still no solution for illegal immigrants’ long-term care costs

"With an infant son, a common-law wife who's a U.S. citizen and a job at a Galveston bait shop, Francisco Martinez was working toward the American dream.

Then Martinez fell off the shop's roof and landed unceremoniously at the intersection of one of America's most vexing ethical, political and financial conundrums: the care of severely sick or injured illegal immigrants.

'It's a tragic, intractable problem,' said Antonio Zavaleta, a professor of anthropology at the University of Texas at Brownsville who specializes in health care and immigrant populations. 'There's no clear solution.'

Provide the long-term care and those institutions will rack up expenses that either bankrupt them or get passed on to U.S. citizens through higher charges. Don't provide the care and many of those patients won't survive, an ethical blight for a nation that prides itself on being humanitarian.

The UT Medical Branch at Galveston's solution, after saving Martinez's life, was to try to persuade the Mexican national, now paralyzed from the chest down, to return to his homeland for the special, long-term care he needs. Martinez's response, despite UTMB's offer to pay for the trip, was to tell hospital officials, 'if you don't want me here, just throw me outside.'" Read more ….


NYT Mexico Brief: 20 Killed in Shootouts

"Twenty people were killed Friday in multiple shootouts in two states, law enforcement officials said. In Michoacán, 14 bodies were found in three different locations. Of these, 10 people died in the city of Pátzcuaro after a confrontation with soldiers patrolling the area. Michoacán has been beset by violence in recent years, much of it attributed to the Familia drug cartel, and recently the cartel’s turf war with a splinter group called the Knights Templar. In the border state of Sinaloa, a confrontation between members of an organized crime gang on a highway left six people dead, three of them unarmed civilians." Link to article.

SA Express News O. Richardo Pimentel: Republican immigration ‘debate’ not so much

"Immigration is not just some esoteric issue in San Antonio or Texas, which is why what is passing for debate on the issue in the GOP should be of more than just passing interest — and distress.

A few names rise to the top in illustrating how delirious the debate has become. One would be Cain, another Seagal. But another is Perry, as in Gov. Rick, instructive on a couple of fronts, good and bad.

Herman Cain, the former Godfather CEO turned presidential candidate, recently proposed an electrified fence on the border and moats filled with alligators — one to kill undocumented immigrants, the other, I guess, to dispose of the evidence.

And action hero Steven Seagal is one of the border's newest full-time deputies, signed up in Hudspeth County."  Read more …

Austin Statesman: Three Predator drones added to border fleet


Three Predator drones added to border fleet

"WASHINGTON — The Homeland Security Department is adding three drone aircraft, including one in Texas, to a fleet used mostly to patrol the border with Mexico, although it doesn't have enough pilots to operate the seven Predators it already has. The drones are being purchased after lobbying by members of the so-called drone caucus in Congress, many from Southern California, a hub of the drone aircraft industry. 'We didn't ask for them,' a Homeland Security official told the Tribune Washington Bureau on condition of anonymity. A new Predator B will arrive in Corpus Christi within days. Another Predator is slated for delivery to Arizona by year-end. A third drone will be based at Cape Canaveral, Fla., early next year." Link to article.