Fox News Latino: Sobre la Inmigración, las Encuestas Muestran Que la Mayor Parte del Partido Republicano está de Acuerdo con Newt

Cuando el candidato presidencial Newt Gingrich dijo en un debate en noviembre que los inmigrantes indocumentados que tienen raíces profundas en los Estados Unidos deberían tener una manera de trabajar legalmente en los Estados Unidos, algunos se quedaron boquiabiertos.

Sus rivales cuestionaron sus credenciales conservadores, y los observadores se preguntaron si él había condenado sus posibilidades con los votantes Republicanos.

Sin embargo, una serie de encuestas – incluyendo una realizada por Fox News que fue publicada el viernes – sobre la inmigración muestra que la mayoría de los encuestados, incluyendo a los votantes Republicanos registrados, piensan que los inmigrantes indocumentados deberían tener una oportunidad para legalizar su estatus, siempre y cuando cumplan con ciertos criterios. Leer más… Alabama immigration law has denied basic human rights, report says

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama — Alabama’s immigration law has led to illegal immigrants around the state having their basic rights denied and should be repealed, a human rights group contends in a report being issued today.

“The initial human impact has been devastating, though the full consequences remain unknown,” stated the report, “No Way To Live: Alabama’s Immigrant Law,” issued by Human Rights Watch.

“A group of people have found themselves unable to live the lives they had lived for many years. Some were barred from access to basic services like water, and many more were told they could not live in homes they own,” according to the report. Read More …

Texas Observer: The Other Side of the Dream

“Many Central Americans ride on the roofs of trains through Mexico on the first leg of their journey to the United States. Some migrants say they have lost arms and legs to “The Beast,” as the train is called. Others have been victims of assault, rape, corruption and kidnapping by crime gangs. For many, the journey ends in Mexico, not the U.S.

Begun in 2008, The ‘Other Side’ of the Dream is a series of portraits of migrants, depicting the price they pay to find work and build a future for their families.”  See photos …