EPT: Migrants’ situation worsens with decrease in support services in Juarez

"CIUDAD JUAREZ — The vulnerability of migrants has worsened in recent years not only due to the drug-related violence throughout Mexico, but also because of the conditions in which they are being deported from the United States, analysts said in a conference on immigration last week.

"Many come with nontreated health problems, poorly fed, without belongings," said Rodolfo Rubio, a researcher at the Colegio de la Frontera Norte. " They are even deported with the uniform of the detention center. They have no family or social networks (in the place where they are left), their situation is highly vulnerable."

The situation has deteriorated even more. Support services offered to migrants in cities such as Juarez are declining. In fact, Juarez's municipal office dedicated to provide services to migrants — in transit or repatriated — closed its operations in July."  Read more …



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