Houston Chronicle – TexMessage: Ted Poe says it’s time to deport all illegal residents of US — NOW!

Good morning, TexMessagers. Ted Poe is looking for strict punishment on immigration. What do you think?


There are thousands of illegal immigrants that need to be deported, Rep. Ted Poe said on the House floor Tuesday, and he’s not just talking about Mexican nationals.

Poe announced his introduction of the Deport Convicted Foreign Criminals Act- legislation that would punish nations that refuse to repatriate their criminals out of the United States within 90 days by refusing to issue visas to their citizens until they comply.

Poe, R-Humble, was reacting to what he called the “astonishing” news from the Federal Bureau of Prisons that more than 25 percent of federal prisoners are foreign nationals in the United States Illegally.

“These criminals serve their sentence in out of our state or Federal prisons, Poe said. “Then after they serve that sentence and they are ordered deported, here’s what happens: many of their native countries refuse to take back their deported criminals. Why would they take them back? They’ve got enough criminals of their own.”  Read more …



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