Huffington Post: Undocumented Immigrant Released From Detention, Pushing For Reform

"After protests across the country pressed Immigration and Customs Enforcement to free Shamir Ali, the 25-year-old Bangladeshi immigrant was released by immigration officials on Thursday, nine days into his detention.

Ali came to the United States from Bangladesh when he was seven, and has lived in Florida since. He hopes to eventually earn a bachelor's degree in business administration and work in the United States. But Ali, who he has no permanent legal status, was caught up in a raid on Oct. 19 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ICE.

Ali said his time in detention, though short, was psychologically traumatic. Broward Transitional Center, where Ali was held, is considered one of the better immigrant detention centers in the country and has outdoor space for detainees. Still, Ali said it felt like prison, especially after his initial request for release was declined.

'It's still a confined space, which is jail,' he said. 'The psychological effect on me was so unfair. I didn't know how long I was going to be in there; I didn't know why I was still in there.'" Read more …


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