Texas Observer: Mexican Senators to Visit State Leaders on Immigration

Harsh anti-immigrant laws have been passed in various states from Arizona to Georgia. U.S. Congress seems unable to muster the votes or the will to pass immigration reform.

"The xenophobic climate has Mexican lawmakers worried about immigrant rights and reform in the United States. So much so that they announced Tuesday they'll bypass Washington D.C. and take their case for immigration reform directly to state leaders.

'At the end of the day it doesn't seem to be the disposition of the U.S. Congress to pass immigration law but meanwhile laws are being passed in many states,' said Senator Carlos Jimenez Macias, a member of the Mexican Senate's Foreign Relations Committee. 'We think we can have better success in the states where legislation has been stopped.'

The group of Mexican senators met in Washington D.C. Tuesday with academics and journalists at a workshop on immigration reform at the German Marshall Fund, a nonpartisan public policy institution. They were there to promote Mexico's sweeping new immigration reforms that were passed into law last May."  Read more …


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